Monday, December 26, 2011


These days it seems like everyone wants to be a superhero especially nerds.  Following on from comic actor Rain Wilson’s brave attempt (with a lame script) as the Crimson Bolt in ‘Super’ last year, we have Australian heartthrob actor Ryan Kwanten disguised as a nerd disguised as ‘Griff The Invisible’ out to make the streets of Sydney a safer place.

Griff is a quiet introvert who works as an office clerk by day where he is taunted by a loud mouth bully, but at home, fueled by an over-active imagination he plots and plans to fulfill his dreams of fighting crime on a nightly basis. His straight-laced brother Tim introduces his new girl friend Melody a young scientist who has her own weird ideas on life and she immediately sees Griff as a kindred spirit.  The connection, which leads to a romance between the two (which horrifies Tim, and initially scares Griff to death) becomes the centre focus of the drama, and lifts it from being just another story of a nerd breaking through.

Newbie director/writer Leon Ford has somehow given the area of Sydney he filmed in a very definite feel of Gotham City which gives a great visual impact especially to the night scenes where Griff is rigged up in his Outfit and roaming around looking for ‘baddies’ and helps you forgive (forget?) the somewhat blurred crime fighting storylines.

I have to admit that I liked this unpretentious and easy going comedy that had a real old-fashioned feel to it … and being the only gay man that I know who has never seen Mr. Kwanten in ‘True Blood', I had no preconceived ideas about his talent or other qualities. He and Maeve Dermody (playing Melody) make for a nice loony couple that almost do convince you that walking through a wall is actually possible!