Sunday, October 16, 2011


Galia has spent the last year recovering from a terrorist bus bombing in Jerusalem, and the extent of her trauma is profound. She suffers from unbearable burn scars that cover her back, intermittent panic attacks and a fractured memory. When her boyfriend Oren—also a victim of the attack—is removed from life support, Galia discovers that she needs to  try and remember the events that surrounded the bombing in order to move forward with her life.

A crucial discovery is when she learns that a recuse worker at the scene had pronounced her dead for seven minutes before she revived.  She is told that there are some souls who rise to heaven, only to return if that is deemed necessary.  And then she comes across a  patient and handsome stranger named Boaz who looks like someone she may have known before

In this his first feature film director Omri Givron weaves clues throughout as the story unwinds, but nevertheless the ending in this intriguing wee thriller is still totally unexpected.

Seven Minutes in Heaven picked up some awards when it first surfaced in 2008 and did the rounds of some Jewish Film Festivals, and is now finally released in DVD.  A gentle slow paced intelligent movie, beautifully acted and with some great photography, and which even though its script has a few too many clich├ęd lines. it is still nevertheless a small delight.